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Game Overview

“The Wind Road” is an ARPG real-time combat game, constructing a martial-arts world based on the ancient Silk Road under the background of a fictional era.

The Barbarians of Grey Wolf have invaded the Silk Road for hundred years! Now they have sent troops to Shazhou with a purpose to capture the important site of Longyou, threatening the safety of tens of thousands of common people.

At this time, the Great Karma Scripture emerges and becomes the key to reverse the fate of Shazhou and even the entire Longyou trade route. The Barbarians are strictly preventing the monks (Scripture Escorts) from sending the Scripture to the Imperial Court, while all the forces in Jianghu who covet the Scripture’s secret also go into action. The character’s task is originally to help the decent sects escort the monks on their mission. However, he uncovers the secret of Scripture coincidentally after suffering a variety of trails and setbacks in ten days!

Finally, in the choice of fate, the character has to undertake the mission and becomes a real hero, taking the first step to stop the chaos of the world…

As a real-time combat martial-arts ARPG game, its core gameplay is combat. Various elements determine the Role’s combat rhythm.

————[Basic Status]————
[Health]: The character’s Health, determines the his survival time in combat. “Grows through the cultivating the Inner Qi Method and taking mediciness.”
[Qi]: Value of the character’s Qi, required to use Internal Moves (QER skills). “Grows through cultivating Inner Qi Method and taking medicine.”
[Stamina]: Value of the character’s stamina, determines the frequency of his Sprint, Roll, and Block. “Grows through cultivating the Inner Qi Method and taking medicine.”
[Rage]: Value of the character’s rage, gathers when he suffers attacks. Once the rage reaches a certain amount, he can perform a swift move that breaks the enemy’s defense. (Based on the weapons on the back.)

————[Combat Techniques]————
[Dodge]: Use the Lightness Technique “Traceless” to get out of the melee area of the enemy instantly.
[Roll]: Roll over to avoid the attacks from the enemy. The distance of a roll is longer and can be used together with dodge.

[Block]: Use up stamina to block attacks from the enemy.
[Insight]: Critical attacks in a hopeless situation. In combat, whether you are attacking or defending, once you see through the flaws of the enemy, you can easily reverse the combat situation. It greatly increases the contingency of the situation and shows the exciting and real combat in Jianghu. Perform it by blocking at the moment (Sword Riposte) the enemy attacks, or by using the special Inner Qi Method.

————[Real-time Combat Martial Arts]————
The core gameplay of this title is immersive real-time combat. When facing fierce enemies, players have to deal with them through Block, Dodge, Insight, Response, and other techniques. Players can have endless fun in real-time combat and can combine different martial-arts moves, forming their combat ideas and styles.
[Swordplay]: A sword is always the favorite weapon of every Xia. In this title, players can use various kinds of Swordplay and perform natural and smooth sword moves. (Can block and perform Sword Riposte, but cannot use Hidden Weapons.)

[Fist & Palm]: Whether in actual combat or movies and novels, Fist and Palm techniques are the essential elements of martial arts. In this title, Palm Blaster supported by Inner Qi is not the only thing to be seen, but also the Wing Chun and Drunken Boxing. The powerful Palm Blaster is the best choice for dealing with the ranged enemies. (Can use Hidden Weapons, but cannot block; Costs a lot of Stamina)

[Response]: Moves of player can also be seen through and solved by the enemy, causing the Blade Impact effect.

[Inner Qi Response]: The player’s Inner Qi can be offset by the enemy’s. Just think about the impact effect between Dragon-subduing Palms and Intangible Swords. Meanwhile, the Inner Qi can also destroy some objects in the scene.

[Inner Qi Method & Meridians]: In this title, there are 6 different kinds of Inner Qi Methods and 6 completely different ways to play, which are different for combat and healing. For example: “Arts of Violet Mist” is specially designed for hardcore players. It has super low Health and powerless blocks but provides sufficient Qi and Crit Damage. While “Sinew-changing Classic” has sufficient Health, but to Buddha’s mercy, it will not cause Crit or hit the enemy’s weakness, however, it can transfer the damage suffered and has a great effect on healing wounds and resisting Internal Injuries.

[Inner Qi–Psi-Sword]: When the player activates the Inner Qi Method, different Psi-Sword effects will be generated, depending on the special effect of the Inner Qi used. Once this effect is triggered, the player has to use the precious seconds to defeat the enemy. For example, the effect of “Arts of Cloud Dragon” will make all the Sword Moves available to the player, and each move will break the enemy’s defense.

Screenshots for The Wind Road 紫塞秋风

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 x64 Windows 10 x64
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4590
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
  • Storage: 40 GB available space