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Here you can download The Voidness – Lidar Horror Survival Game for free! On this page you will find information about The Voidness – Lidar Horror Survival Game and how you can download the game for free. Here you get the direct link (from different filehoster) or a torrent download. The link to the free download can be found at the bottom of the page.

Game Overview

Scan the environment to see. Try and escape The Voidness, but you are not alone…

The Voidness is a SCI-FI psychological horror game where it takes place in the void filled with just gloom and darkness, with your only ability to see is by scanning the map with your range finder device. Roam freely, scan, mark, explore and try unravel the story – however you are not alone. Something is also lurking with you in the void.

TRIGGER WARNING: This game may be disturbing to some audience as it contains flashing lights, fear, blood and also some jumpscares. Play at your own risk.

The Voidness is a SCI-FI psychological survival horror game where it takes place inside the void where it’s filled with just gloom – the only way to see is by scanning the environment with your range finder device, however you are not alone. Don’t breath as they are listening.. and watching. You take the role of a space specialist named Francesca Lee, sent to study the mysterious void on a newly founded planet filled with just gloom and darkness.

Things however, are not what they seem to be. Navigate your way by scanning the simulation environment equipped with your range scanning device, upgrade, scan and mind your footsteps as every step you take can be deadly inside the void. Use scanning turrets to guide you in the environments, find upgrades, mark landmarks and more. Trend carefully as stepping on debris will make them hear you, same as if you are within their line of sight or if you make any noise. Something is lurking in The Voidness alongside you .. and the only way to see it, is by scanning.

The enemies can also hear when you are in hiding spots, from your microphone. Make sure to not breath heavily while hiding or else they will notice you and take you with them into unknown. This feature is only available while in hiding and this feature is only optional.

Experience the story, both inside the voidness and what happened to your crewmates.

Play the terrifying story of Francesca Lee, one of the space specialist sent to study the mysterious void filled with just gloom and darkness after the mission gone wrong. Scan your environment to see, active scanning turrets, upgrade your device to scan things better, mark your environment and try to escape from the voidness using your stamina only when needed, treading carefully, hiding under tables when needed and solve puzzles to get to your destination.


  • LIDAR scanning environment: Scan the environment with your range scanner device to see in the darkness and gloom.
  • Terrifying enemies that listens: Try to make past terrifying enemies that listens, and can only be seen by scanning them.
  • Puzzle Solving: Find clues, solve puzzles and try to advance to the next objectives.
  • Microphone Input: When in hiding, the enemy can hear your breathing – through your microphone. Don’t breath. Don’t panic.
  • Upgrades and more: Find and upgrade your scanner to scan vertically, horizontally, increase size of the scan and much more.
  • Level-based story: Uncover the story of what happened inside The Voidness.
  • Survival elements with full inventory system, objectives, clue-findings and tools to help you in escaping.
  • Find, uncover and unravel the terrifying backstory of The Voidness within the darkness, your only way to see is by scanning the environment.
  • Stamina System: You won’t be able to outrun it. It will catch you as it never gets tired.
  • Saving Levels System: Save your progress by finding save points, and certain auto-saves.
  • Puzzles to unsolve, mysteries to uncover. Use your mind to overcome obstacles that you will find in your way.
  • Inventory Management: Find supplies, upgrades, health packs and more items will be vital for your survival.
  • Hiding System: Hide from the enemies under tables, while trying to stay quiet as they can hear you from your microphone when you are in hiding mode.
  • Gut Wrecking Moments: Walking on broken glass can make noises that the enemy may hear, same as moving crates or knocking over objects. all these things can give away your position. Try to evade them or use them as your advantages.
  • Stealth System: Try and sneak through the terrifying enemies that can only be seen by scanning them.
  • Plan Accordingly: Plan your next move as it may be your last. Peak around corners, watch your foosteps, move slowly on glass and use stealth.

Activate scanning turrets that can help you scan the environment for landmarks.

Terrifying enemy AI that listens, hears and roams in the voidness.

Beautiful LIDAR-scanning feature with colorful ambiance, everything can be scanned.

Interact with items and objects which can be helpful and provide you tips.

The only way to see is by scanning your own environment.

Terrifying encounter with enemies that can only be seen by scanning them.

Lots of puzzles to solve, and mysteries to uncover from the voidness.

Find and upgrade your equipment and device scanning abilities.

Realistic and beautifully crafted environment, both outside and inside the voidness.

Advanced inventory system to stock up and additional objectives that can be done.

Dark ambiance which requires you to be cautious with every step you’ll take.

Find supplies, upgrades, and many more in your journey for a better survival chance.

Mark your paths, scan your environment and try to escape if you dare.

Hide but be sure to stay quiet because they can hear you when in hiding.

The Voidness is a horror game made by one developer at Steelkrill Studio. This is a level-based game with puzzles to solve, and terrifying encounters, inventory system, stamina, microphone input and a lot more features. If you can, please submit your feedback and report any bugs and this will really help speed up the progress of the development! Thank you so much.

Screenshots for The Voidness – Lidar Horror Survival Game

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 64-Bit or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2500K or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2 GB or AMD equivalent
  • Storage: 2 GB available space