Hey Partner :)

In this site you will find links to our Google Drive folder.
For getgamez.net and cracked-games.org!

You can either make videos for one page or both. You can decide that 🙂
– Here is the link to our Drive folder (GETGAMEZ.NET): https://bit.ly/2N28lFd
– Here is the link to our Drive folder (CRACKED-GAMES.ORG): https://bit.ly/2Xs4NQC

In this Drive folders you will always find the latest Tutorials, Thunbnails & Infos.
You’ll also find tips and templates on how to make your video adjustments ❤

Requirements for our YouTube partners.

✔️ You know how YouTube and its features work
✔️ You know how Google Drive and its features work
✔️ You are online regularly and ready for us to upload videos.

What do our YouTube partners get from us?

🎁 We advertise on our sites for your channel ✨
🎁 You get a special rank on cracked.chat!
🎁 You get tips and extra video material for your channel.
🎁 You have the chance that your videos will be included on our site.
🎁 You can use our videos, monetize them and earn money. 💸

🔰 Partner rank on cracked.chat!

You must have uploaded at least 10 videos on your YouTube channel through our page (getgamez.net or cracked-games.org).
It does not matter if it’s your own video or if you upload it again. And you have to be an active partner for at least 2 weeks. Then you can get the partner rank on cracked.chat

💕Useful software for good videos:


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