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Game Overview

Life is not a simple thing, but a complex art.
In the game, you give up your white-collar job in the big city and follow your friends to a small seaside town to start a new life. In this beautiful little town, people are friendly, peaceful and relaxed. You can do all kinds of different jobs according to your preference: town salesman, running a farm, divers, fishing at sea, opening up the land on the island, there are many opportunities here, and gradually you will have your favorite small car, cottage, other half, and a wonderful home. In their own yard planting fields, jerking cats, back to the basics.

Life is not a simple thing, but a complicated art. Here, you need to be down-to-earth, always pay attention to your stomach, mood and energy to avoid all kinds of chronic diseases; look for all kinds of opportunities to satisfy food and clothing; also need to look up to the stars and constantly strive to make yourself live a better life, maybe It’s a bigger house, or a deeper adventure.

Before achieving financial freedom, you still have to work hard! Whether you are a salesman, a food delivery, a taxi driver, or a scattered resident commission, as long as you are willing to work hard on the ground, you can always gradually improve your life, accumulate your own savings, and finally move towards finances. free!

On the road of struggle, we also have to eat and wear warmth, sleep well and have fun. Decorate your own home well and go to the furniture store if you have nothing to do, so that you can have a better rest, and a good rest can better work; pay attention to your own clothes, adapt to the climate, but also make yourself pleasing to the eye, and there may be Unexpected gains; take your stomach seriously, eat three meals a day, eat well, and make yourself more and more healthy; in the time of struggle, it is still necessary to find entertainment in the city, so don’t forget to buy it for yourself A satisfactory travel tool.

The thing that can never be forgotten is to improve yourself; as time goes by, you will gradually accumulate all kinds of experience. At this time, the serious development of your own skills is particularly important, and it will directly affect the future development route; after all, in many At times, choice is more important than hard work.

Many people think that people in the city are indifferent and just passing by in a hurry, but you really need friends! As the saying goes, one more friend has one more way. In many cases, perhaps having a friend will bring your situation to a critical turn. The fetters with friends may bring unexpected surprises to your life.

No one wants to work all their lives. After they have accumulated enough wealth, they should think about how to invest. You can choose to buy shares in companies that you are optimistic about, but you also need to bear the corresponding risks; you can also buy properties that you are optimistic about, buying low and selling high; you can also rent out the real estate in your hand, so that you can worry about food and clothing.

You already have a worry-free life, and it’s time to respond to the call of adventure that has been echoing deep in your heart. It is rumored that there are many unknown secrets and wealth hidden in the deep seabed of Lihua Bay in the east of the city. If you are affluent and unwilling to be mediocre, you might buy expensive diving facilities and dive into the deepest

Screenshots for Graduated

System Requirements

  • OS: windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: 2.5GHz +
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 650
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1024 MB available space