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Game Overview

Tidy up, declutter and repair a Victorian mansion. The goal is to put each object in its place. A variation of a classic hidden object game.

This game is not for everyone. There is only one level, the Victorian mansion. The objects are not very animated and there is no action scene. The pace is slow and there is no timer. This is not a home improvement game, even if you are fixing a house. It has been designed to promote concentration and peace of mind by allowing you to put every object in its place. You will appreciate it more if you are calm by nature and like to keep things organized.

Amazing fix is ​​categorized as a hidden object game, but it’s not quite one. If you’re a genre purist, you might not like the changes we’ve made to the gameplay. The game is designed to let you collect items by categories, not by individual item. You can choose to pick up whatever category you like to get started. Once you sign up for a category you will need to focus and find all the items that belong to that category.

Most items will be easy to find, but some may be small or hide behind larger items. The game will give you a zoom function and hints to know where to look. You will need to learn to be strategic in what you choose to take out. It will be unsettling at first.

The heart of the game starts at the most difficult level. With a little practice and by staying zen, you will often win. Each time you win, you will add new items to your inventory that will populate the mansion more on your next game. There are already hundreds of items to collect and we add more from time to time.

There are several characters and monsters, most of them are wacky. It’s not yet perfect, but when we add characters we try to make them diversified (age, size, origin, profession, etc.). If you love animals, there are over 75 to find in this category. We like to make subtle references to popular culture and add a touch of second-degree humor.

Screenshots for Amazing Fix

System Requirements

  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 500 MB available space